Ok…so, I was on okc trying to find someone to date/maybe have something casual with. I’m a strong independent woman who is comfortable with her body. I was texting a guy named Derrick (okc profile and Facebook page) when he asked for a pic of me in my bra. I figured it would be ok since we’d been texting for a bit and he seemed like a really nice trustworthy guy.Well, as soon as I texted him the pic this happened….

Even though I feel extremely violated right now, I refuse to be blackmailed into whatever he wanted me to do. I have been through enough bullshit in my life to last me until I’m 200 years old. I was sexually assaulted in high school and lived with an emotionally and psychologically abusive stepmother while growing up. I have so many self-image issues that I could fill a book the size of the entire Harry Potter series with them. I do not need to deal with shit like this from people. I will not stand for shit like this. So what I ask is that whoever sees this, to please, please, please for the love of humanity, block this guy. Even though his profile says that he’s a “ Im nice kind loving caring funny honest guy. ” he isn’t.

Update: He’s apparently put it up on a porn site as well as Facebook. I refused to be ashamed of this. I will not allow this…I hesitate to call him a man because no man would ever do this to another human being…this…varmint to have that kind of control over me. I refuse to be a victim.

June 18th 2013
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    You go girl. Fuck that guy
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    This incident is over a year old and, at the time, I really couldn’t handle any sort of legal action since there was a...
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    Just an FYI, I’ve had this happen once. And I took legal action against the man. It might not get the images off the...
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    I don’t even know if this is true, but I do know that there are consequences for our actions. Both parties were in the...
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    I’m so sorry people like that are the reason the human race looks bad. Some people I hate because some people just suck....